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Today the manufacturing capacities of our factories produce Laminate Flooring that continues to make innovative breakthroughs. Our Laminate Flooring provides a variety of styles and shades which allow the customer to choose the wood look down to the species, be it traditional or exotic. We are also offering Distressed and Smooth Finish with Small and No-Bevel options.

The strong protective layer allows our Laminate Floors to be installed in residential, commercial and high traffic areas. Considering today’s economical situation Laminate flooring is an affordable replacement to any other flooring options. Laminate Flooring is considered an ecologically clean and healthy option and today it is in high demand. 


Our Quality Control Specialists check every batch of production to make sure they meet the following specifications:

  • HDF – high-density fiberboard with brown core – very important aspect for clicking system against moisture and chipping and also Noise Control

  • AC3 – anti-abrasion: 1>6000 turns – protects the floor from scratching, surface moisture, fading of the color and staining.

  • Valinge and Unilin click system (the two patents allowed for the US market) –          strictly following the standard of the tongue and groove design

  • All the production is done on German Technology
  • Tongue and groove on all 4 sides of the planks

  • Different bevel options – small v-grove, pressed bevel and no-bevel


Other characteristics:

  • Easy installation – even for do-it-yourselves

  • Fast installation – a big plus for a contractor

  • Low and easy maintenance – no dust, just wipe

  • Attractive colors and patterns based on up-to-date designs

  • Different thickness - 8.3mm and 12.2mm

  • Different surfaces – smooth and distressed, matte, gloss and hig-gloss

Find Certifications and Installation Guidelines in DIY-FAQ


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Overall great experience from shopping to installation, saved a bunch of money on flooring and everything was as expected or better. Brian P. Chesterfield, MI February 17, 2011 ...



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