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Polyurethane Mouldings and Decorative Products
Kitchen Cabinets
Solid, Distressed, Engineered HARDWOOD and LAMINATE Flooring
Solid, Distressed, Engineered HARDWOOD and LAMINATE Flooring
POLYURETHANE Decorative Products & Mouldings
POLYURETHANE Decorative Products & Mouldings
VANITIES - Classic, Modern, Transitional, Sinks, Storage
VANITIES - Classic, Modern, Transitional, Sinks, Storage
Interrior/Exterrior DOORS and WINDOWS
Interrior/Exterrior DOORS and WINDOWS
KITCHEN CABINETS - Modern, Traditional
KITCHEN CABINETS - Modern, Traditional

About Royaltech

Beutifying a space, be it a living space like your home or a working space like your office, is made both easier and affordable by Royaltech where you can find all you need from Flooring to Mouldings, from Exterrior/Interrior Doors and Windows to Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities with all their accompanying Accessories. Being in the field of Home Decoration, Remodeling and Innovation for more than 20 years Royaltech continues to diligently provide the best design services and high quality products to its well-established and also new customers worldwide. Be it an Architect, a Designer, a General Contractor, an Installer or a one-time buyer, Royaltech makes every effort to satisfy the needs of each based on their budget limit and their unique design taste and requirements. Our valued customers made their dreams come true with Royaltech.

Our selection of products varies from the smallest Architectural Elements like Hand Carved Decorative Ornaments made from Real Wood and Lightweight Polyurethane Materials to fundamentally essential Design Products like Exterior/Interrior Doors, Windows and Patio Doors. No space is complete without precisely chosen Interior Design Elements like Cornice Mouldings, Chair Rails and Friezes - delicately Carved or Plain; Rosettes, Ceiling Medallions and Domes from small to big; Pilasters and Columns both with simple or majestic Caps and Bases; Corbels, Corner Blocks and Niches to make every wall or corner look its best; Window & Door Surrounds as well as elegant Beams across the ceiling.

You will immediately find yourself on a solid ground as soon as you walk on our high quality State-of-Art Laminate Flooring, be it with a Smooth or a Distressed Finish, Semi-glossy or Shiny, with a Pressed Bevel, V-groove or no Bevel at all. You can have a peace of mind that whatever you purchase from Royaltech will withstand years and years of “wear and tear.”

The styles are diverse and many to fit any taste, Architectural requirement and Decor demand.

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Overall great experience from shopping to installation, saved a bunch of money on flooring and everything was as expected or better. Brian P. Chesterfield, MI February 17, 2011 ...



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